Peroxide and Vinegar: A Safe, Natural Alternative Disinfectant for your Home!

I wholeheartedly believe in the effectiveness and benefits of Natural Cleaning. I use Modern Betty’s “One & Only” All Natural Multipurpose Cleaner throughout my home. However, there are a few areas in my home that I feel require special attention because they are more likely to have germs. In these areas I use the Peroxide and Vinegar Combo.


Kitchen Sink


Cutting Boards

Door Knobs


In my research I have come across this piece of information many times. A natural alternative to kill bacteria such as e.coli and salmonella is to use a duo of Vinegar and 3% Hydrogen Perioxide. It is more effective than using bleach and is ten times more powerful than using undiluted vinegar. This dynamic duo will sanitize your cutting boards, kitchen sinks and toilets. It is also an excellent fruit and veggie wash. Just give a quick rinse before eating. I use it everyday.

Modern Betty makes the Peroxide and Vinegar Combo Convenient!

Natural Cleaning Tip:

Fill one spray bottle with White Vinegar. Fill another bottle with Hydrogen Peroxide. Use this combination in any order to sanitize.

(Please note: do not mix vinegar & hydrogen peroxide in same bottle as this creates peracetic acid, although mild, will create pressure in the bottle and may explode)