Natural Living: Change Starts at Home!

How many times have I watched a program on television or read an article about Natural Living or Global Warming and either changed the channel or closed the book. These gestures may look like I don’t care about the planet, but that’s not true. The large-scale information makes me anxious and scared. Global warming and climate change is so far out of my league that I feel helpless and tiny.

However, I realized something. If I am doing nothing to help our planet, partially because I don’t know what to do (or where to start), there are probably a few more people who are feeling the same way. This led me to the conclusion that I can make a difference even though I am only one person by giving people knowledge of where they can start changing, Natural living – from the comfort of our homes. If we look at change in a positive light it doesn’t feel like we’ve doomed the planet but becomes something we can fix through little changes we can incorporate easily in our daily routines, especially Natural Cleaning.

Children will learn to follow in our efforts as they acquire a Natural Way of Living.

“Watch what you say and what you do because little eyes are watching you.”

Setting an example through your actions of Natural Living are so important in shaping values in your children.

It is also important to Teach Children about Natural Living!

The concept of having a “Sense of Wonder” has challenged me in Natural Living and has taught me not to take things for granted.

Children are the inspiration for change and our most valuable resource.

Natural Living may seem like a difficult thing to do. But remember this:

I began wondering what my options were to keep my home safe and non-toxic for my children. This Wonder has allowed me to introduce Natural Living into my home through my cleaning products and especially Essential Oils. Natural Cleaning will instill in Children a Wonder about Nature and they will learn to Respect the Simplicity and effectiveness that Nature has to offer.

We need to reconnect children with nature in the simplest of ways.

· They need to get outside and experience it.

· If they don’t they will be labeled as having ‘Nature deficit disorder,’ a term introduced by Richard Louv, which states, “children who lack the outdoors are bound to lead to further disconnection [from nature] as they grow up.”

· How are children expected to love what they don’t know?

I thought long and hard about how I am raising my children in the city and how I can introduce Natural Living.

As a parent, I get swept up in the daily hustle and bustle that technology so blatantly disguises convenience. There are too many things to do because too many things are too convenient.

Something I struggle with on a daily basis sometimes is the decision my Husband and I made for me to be a Stay-at-Home Mom. In my heart I know I am doing the right thing, taking care of my family, but I always feel like I have to justify my decision to do so and I feel hopeless when people ask me what I “do” for a living. There is no monetary value to taking care of my children. But I do work hard and I believe Mothering is the most important job in the world. This is a fundamental mindset that I am teaching myself to embrace. I do matter and what I do in my home will reflect in my children’s perspective about the world, including natural living.

My job may seem insignificant at times but I feel my duties are much more important than chief executive officers at the head of huge corporations. Women need to assert themselves and their work. I read, “women are the backbone of communities and the custodians of the environment. But they don’t have power.” I may not have power but I have a voice. I know there are men and women who are interested in Natural Living, specifically Natural Cleaning, they just need the whole story before it can truly be accepted. Sometimes learning “why” you should live naturally is just as important as “how to do it.” This is what I am setting out to accomplish. This may seem small and insignificant in the broad spectrum of global warming and energy conservation but the health of our species will benefit tremendously.

I may be just a housewife, just a mother, just one woman but I have an intense desire to help detoxify our homes. We need to find alternate natural living solutions to step away from dangerous chemicals that are immensely overused in our daily lives. 53% of us are women! We should be empowered with the knowledge of knowing what exactly we are welcoming into our homes, whether we stay at home or work. For the most part, men hold power in most corporations. Why should they dictate and not disclose exactly what chemicals we are exposing to our families? I acknowledge there are men who are also equally concerned about this issue, however, as a woman and a Mother, I speak for myself about a subject that is less than appealing and barely discussed – Cleaning our Homes.

Through Modern Betty, I have found a Happiness that lies in serving, not taking. I believe we can save this planet – demand that corporations use less petroleum and turn to natural alternatives. I also acknowledge and applaud the efforts of corporations for their switch to “green” products, but we need to demand more. No more trade secrets and potential hazards caused by mystery chemicals that are not tested for long term health effects. I feel as though I want to teach what I have learned and offer what I use as a means to make living naturally accepted.

Through Modern Betty, I have found my own secret to happiness: to love and care for each other and our earth. Kind things will get reciprocated. My hope is that by providing a place to learn everything about Natural living by using Natural Cleaners that more people will embrace this lifestyle and share it with others. I hope cleaning is a subject that doesn’t stay behind closed doors. We all are faced with this chore and there is no escaping it. Natural Cleaning allows us to be kind to our homes, our families and our earth. In return we may save ourselves from the current chemical test tube we call our home and directly preserve the health of future generations, improving their quality of life. Through this preventative approach will also do kind things for our environment. What goes around comes around. To bring about change, the most important thing is information.

We need a change of perspective:
My effort is to share these new findings with you to make a difference in your family’s health. Many points I make can be applied to a wide range of issues that need to be tackled in order for our society to be brought back to the basics and nature. If I can inspire even one person to take initiative into something they have deep compassion for and can teach new information to individuals, I have succeeded and I hope this perspective will resonate and Natural Living will become the norm.

Maybe this site will inspire you to make your own cleaners since you are now prepared with knowledge. If not Modern Betty is here to serve!

This information is new to me. I want to share it because it could be new to someone else. In order to answer all of my questions about natural cleaning, I had to piece together information from a huge range of resources. This is very time consuming and I couldn’t find everything I was looking for in one place. Every book told me to make an effort to learn more. I wanted something to tell me everything, which I couldn’t find so I decided to provide it. This is what I was looking for and it is too important for me to tuck into a binder for myself. That would be selfish. People need to know this information when choosing the method to clean their homes.

Calling every Citizen, Corporation, Government Level, every Organization: This is all hands on deck time.

You are already making the first step if you asked this question.

All of our actions will come together and make the earth a little less toxic.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something!

Things you can do!