Are you Looking for Natural Floor Cleaners?

Using Natural Floor Cleaners for keeping my floors clean and safe is very important to me. I try to keep it not only free of dirt and germs, which seems like a never-ending job with two toddlers, but also chemicals!

Cleaning the floor has always been a time consuming task with different cleaners for the hardwood floors, the tile & grout and linoleum and carpet. Each chemical cleaner I used was “specialized” for a particular floor type – adding to my huge inventory of chemical cleaners.

So I’ve tried to keep floor cleaning in my home simple, quick and effective! What makes me happy is that I only need the one cleaner to clean all of my different types of flooring!

Use Modern Betty’s “One & Only” to keep all of your floors clean and safe: Click here to view Modern Betty Products!

Floor Types:


Engineered Hardwood


Ceramic Tile





· Fill a bucket or sink with 4 litres of hot water and add 4 tbsp of “One & Only.” Add ¼ cup of vinegar.

· For extra moisture spray multipurpose cleaner while mopping.

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Modern Betty Natural Floor Cleaner Tips:

Use a microfiber cloth/scrubbie and hydrogen peroxide to clean and remove stains.

An old toothbrush is also a great way to keep those grooves clean!

Treat stain immediately by absorbing excess moisture with a dry absorbent cloth. Spray Modern Betty’s “One & Only” and let sit for 1 minute. Pat stain and massage until stain lifts.

For tough or set in stains, sprinkle Modern Betty’s Scouring Powder on the stain before spraying “One & Only” to assist in lifting the stain. Spray enough “One & Only” to wet the scouring powder completely and let sit for 1 minute. Massage the stain and pat dry. Vacuum any left over scouring powder.