Natural Cleaning Tips from Modern Betty!

I love to read lists of Natural Cleaning Tips, tricks and shortcuts! However, too many great intentions leads me to feel overwhelmed when I realize it is not humanly possible to maintain so many techniques into my daily cleaning routine.

I would like to provide you with the Natural Cleaning Tips and techniques I use, which I have thoughtfully compiled from oodles of books that I have read to help me in my quest to Clean Naturally.

Let’s get started, room by room, to find Healthy, Natural Alternatives to keeping our homes clean… the shortest and most convenient fashion!



Laundry Room




1. Clean only what’s dirty! Honestly, don’t waste your time cleaning the whole area of the door when there’s just a few fingerprints to wipe clean!

2. Declutter before you begin cleaning. It is easier to keep an organized house cleaner than a cluttered one.

3. Do a little cleaning everyday using Modern Betty's Cleaning Tips instead of letting it pile up and not knowing where to start.

4. Completely clean one room at a time. When you are finished shut the door and move to the next room. It feels like a little checklist.

5. Straighten up rooms as you leave them. Don’t let anything sit. This is actually easier than it sounds. This is one reason I love vacations so much: there is always a nice neat room waiting for us at the end of the day!

6. Be frugal. Don’t have a million cleaning products in your home and only use as much cleaner as you need. No need wasting time wiping up the excess.

7. Clean from left to right and top to bottom! I find this amusing and I never do anything twice!

8. Don’t procrastinate! Just do something, anything, and soon instead of not knowing where to begin, you won’t know where to stop!

9. Work according to you! If you’re a morning person tackle the job first thing. If your like myself, I work better at night after the kids are sleeping and I can just get at it with no interruptions.

10. Tackle the worst, hardest or least favorite job first and get it over with. *This works with more than just cleaning*

Modern Betty's Natural Cleaning Products are Useful for all of these Natural Cleaning Tips!