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December 11, 2009

Question about natural cleaning: I know mould is a tough one... any suggestions for cleaning mould? My problem is my baby's squeezable bath toys keep growing mould inside of them. Any natural suggestions?

Thanks for your time.

Kristy, Calgary


Hi Kristy!

Thanks for your inquiry through Ask Modern Betty!

I had this problem as well with my kid’s bath toys. Here is my solution and I’ll give you a couple of alternatives.

I use my Modern Betty “One & Only” products in:

Touch of Teatree: A blend of Teatree, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary.

To get rid of the mould in bath toys I put a little of the cleaner in a bowl and suck it into the toys or spray directly into the toy. The teatree essential oil has properties to kill the mould. Vinegar is also great for killing mould and the castile soap helps lift the mould from the surface of the toy, which are two other ingredients in the "one & Only" cleaner. Leave the toys for a couple of hours or overnight and squeeze the cleaner out of the toy and rinse the toy in a sink of warm water - the mould will come right out! It's surprising how much one little toy can hold.

Hydrogen Peroxide will also work……or white vinegar (82% effective at killing mould!) I use hydrogen peroxide and vinegar (keep in separate bottles) one after another as an effective alternative to bleach. You could use this combo as well for the bath toys.

To keep bath toys from growing anymore mould be sure to keep them dry. I make a game with my sons to squeeze all of the water out of the toys before we let the water out of the bath and then I store them in a large strainer to let the water drain and keeps the toys dry and mould free.

I hope this helps!

Thanks again for your inquiry! If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask!

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