Natural Bathroom Cleaning!

These Natural Bathroom Cleaning Tips will keep your Porcelin Sparkling and your Mirrors Shining!

· The best time to clean your bathtub and shower wall is after someone has had a shower. The heat and steam helps loosen soap scum.

· Sprinkle Modern Betty’s Scouring Powder either directly in the tub followed by “One & Only” and use a microfiber cloth or for quicker results use a scrubbie. Soap scum won’t know what wiped it!

· For shower walls, you can make your own tub scrubber by mixing, on a microfiber cloth or scrubbie, Modern Betty’s scouring powder with just enough “One & Only” to make a paste. Just make as much as you need as you need it. I find a little goes a long way as the paste stays on the cloth as it picks up the soap scum.

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· To clean mirrors and glass, use “One & Only” with a dry microfiber cloth and wipe until the surface is completely dry.

· There will be absolutely no streaks!

· Toilets Start from the top down, start with the tank, handle, seat, inside bowl and then the base.

· Sprinkle Modern Betty’s Scouring Powder or just plain baking soda into the bowl and then follow with “One & Only.” The vinegar in the multipurpose cleaner will activate the baking soda in the scouring powder for extra cleaning power!)

· Let it sit for a minute and swirl around a toilet brush to finish cleaning.

· If you still have a stubborn ring around the inside of the toilet bowl a pumice stone will effectively get rid of it!

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