Harmful Household Chemicals

Chemistry has been around for pretty much all of humanity and is crucial to the immeasurable enhancements to our quality of life.

Chemistry is not a bad thing.

There are safe chemicals, but there are also harmful household chemicals. We just don’t know which is which.

Reading Household Chemical Labels

Toxins affect every living thing on earth

Toxic harmful household chemicals in cleaners are 3 times more likely to cause cancer than air pollution

Oven Cleaners, Toilet Bowl Cleaners and Drain Cleaners are the most toxic.

A Toxic Brew:

Story I read from CBC

Here is a brief summary:

Chemical Cleaners make cleaning convenient, quicker, easier, effective with no elbow grease – but at what cost?

A toxicologist tests people’s homes to see the amounts of chemicals in the air.

Advertising seduces viewers to protect cute children from evil germs.

Ironically, in one year, Canadians will easily spend $275 million on household cleaning products.

Toxicologist revealed that everywhere cleaning products are kept in homes, the readings jump.

Note: The normal amount of air particles is 50ppb.

In Common household cleaning products:

Furniture Spray: 273 ppb

Wipes: 1000 ppb

Disinfecting Spray: 1200 ppm

I think this is reason enough to stop using these chemicals in our homes because it shows the enormous amount of indoor air pollution these harmful household chemicals are creating in our homes, that we are breathing in.

Here is a list of chemical cleaners I found in my home when I did a detoxification purge and switched to natural cleaners.

This is what my Husband brought to the dump to properly dispose of the chemicals in two big boxes:

Liquid All Purpose Cleaners (2)

Spray All Purpose Cleaner (3)

Automatic Dishwasher Detergent (1)

Bleach (2)

Carpet Stain Remover (1)

Disinfectants (3)

Drain Cleaners (0)

Fabric Softeners (3)

Floor Cleaners (3)

Furniture Polish (4)

Glass Cleaners (4)

Insecticide (0)

Disinfecting wipes (2)

Laundry Detergents (3)

Laundry Stain Remover (1)

Metal Polish (1)

Oven Cleaner (1)

Toilet Bowl Cleaner (2)

Tub and Tile Cleaner (1)

Abrasive powder (2)

That’s at least 32 bottles of chemical cleaners I had in my home all at one time.

I have replaced with 6 bottles of Modern Betty’s “One & Only” (I keep one of each scent scattered throughout my home for easy access!)

There are 72000 chemicals registered with EPA as legal to use in cleaning products. Just because they are registered doesn’t mean they are safe. Could be based on falsified research – companies are responsible for testing safety and it is easy for a study to say what you want it to say.