Fun Cleaning: The Natural Way!

Cleaning is a chore every human being must tackle…… so why not make it fun cleaning?

Here is my personal list of things that help me get through the Never-Ending task:

1. Choose cleaning products that you enjoy using, like pleasant-smelling, non-toxic cleaners.

o Modern Betty’s Line of Natural Cleaning Products fits this description perfectly!

Fun Cleaning Starts with Modern Betty's "One & Only" Products!

Modern Betty's Natural Cleaning Tips

2. Play dress up! Wear a new pair of reusable gloves in a cool colour.

o Or come up with your own cleaning attire in something funky, sexy, or just fun little apron.

3. Turn on some up-beat music and fun clean to the rhythm.

o My suggestions? Anything by CCR, Rhianna, Kenny Chesney, or Sugarland!

4. Turn a timer on and see how much you can achieve.

o Do a quick tidy up, just picking up toys and putting away shoes and coats can have a dramatic effect and give your cleaning a jump-start!

5. Make a list and cross off each chore as you complete it.

o Progress is motivation.

6. Pretend you have company coming! This one gets me going EVERY time!!!

7. Even better: Pretend they are coming to inspect your house!! Don’t forget those baseboards and dust on top of the doorframes. You never know who might be checking!!!!

8. Purchase a new plant and organize and clean the room so that it looks beautiful.

The Many Benefits of Plants in your Home!

9. Talk on the phone, you would be amazed at how much you can get done during a 15 minute conversation.

10. Take a before and after picture to wrap up for your significant other!!!

11. Pretend your getting paid! Or imagine how much money you are saving by doing your cleaning yourself than if you hired a maid.

12. Bake some cookies and the scent will drive you to cozy up your home! Visualize the outcome and just keep working until you achieve it.

13. Throw a fun cleaning party for your kids!!!

Teaching Children a more Natural Way of Living!

14. Give your spouse a chore and let him help you out!!

15. Afterwards sit and take a deep breath. You are breathing clean fresh air.

"In every task that must be done, there is an element of fun" ~Mary Poppins