Frugal Living: What can you do?

There is a long list of things you can do and can be found in thousands of books, websites and programs to live a sustainable earth friendly lifestyle. Although having a list is beneficial to change to a greener way of life and frugal living, it didn’t really work for me. I felt overwhelmed and my intentions didn’t last very long. There was too broad a scope to tackle every single thing I could do in a run of a day.

I found that what I can do, and you can do is too, is to start with understanding that we have to start small with something that is within our reach. My start has been Natural Cleaning and from this I have become aware of other areas in my life where I can make a difference to my family’s health and the environment.

For example, incorporating nature more actively in our life, questioning consumerism, personal care products (my next endeavor to research) and the foods I feed my family.

I think the big concept we need to wrap our heads around is frugal living.

This is something you can do very easily.

Whenever I watched a program on Global Warming or the negative impacts humans are having on the earth I would usually change the channel or push the stop button on the remote control. An overwhelming sense of despair would isolate me from actively doing anything. If the whole world is falling apart, I’m probably not going to do much good. Individual effort barely registers on a scale of what needs to be done to save our planet.

So I thought.

People need to realize there are things they can do in their everyday life. Global warning is huge and tremendous may seem inconsequential but to take personal action is important. Every person making a change is part of the long term solution. The switch to reusable bags, hybrid cars and Natural Cleaners are small gestures that show we care and will inspire us to find alternate solutions to other things. Shifting the way we act and live is part of the long-term solution.

The Industrial Revolution viewed nature as a resource that was considered endlessly abundant. However, before this massive explosion of technology and invention, people indulged in frugal living.

This does not mean people lived in poverty.

It means people were resourceful.

There are millions of products to make life easier but they are costing us too much to continue living the way we are.

· By being resourceful you will spend less than you earn. This will give you a more flexible lifestyle where you can use the difference to pay off debt, start a savings account or invest your money.

· Time is spent with family, conversations are plentiful, nature is fun and truly focusing on what’s important. You may even find you have more time in the run of a day.

Start your frugal living with Cleaning Naturally – you will notice a difference in the way you perceive the world.

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