Dust Free Home: Why is Dusting an important part of Natural Cleaning?

In order to maintain a somewhat dust free home(a chore that seems neverending), dusting must be considered an important part of Cleaning Naturally.

The bulk of the dust, an ever present scourge of microscopic particles, that is found on every surface in our homes can be made up of up to 5000 different minute particles of natural material:

· skin, hair, pollen, mold, fungi, lichen, wood, natural fabric fibers, plant and vegetable mater, insect parts, paper fiber, etc. · Our immune systems have been dealing with these particles for 1000s of years.

· Most of the dust in our homes should not be worrisome.

However, Modern dust is contaminated by a wide variety of Modern pollutants:

· Pesticides, hydrocarbons, synthetic chemicals, flame-retardants, paint and heavy metals and PBDEs.

Dust gives these toxins something to stick to so our exposure is prolonged. Studies have found that controlling dust and maintaining a somewhat dust free home reduces our exposure to household toxins.

The average home accumulates about 40 pounds of dust in a year?

With Modern Betty’s “One & Only” is suitable to dust any surface in your home. The natural aromas from the essential oils make dusting truly enjoyable!

When dusting wood or leather furniture add a drop or two of olive oil on a microfiber cloth when using Modern Betty’s “One& Only” to add luster to the finish.

Dusting with Modern Betty Products to keep a dust free home!

Keyboard Need cleaning?

· Don’t use traditional keyboard cleaners that are full of toxic chemicals and greenhouse gases. Here are some safer solutions: o Turn your keyboard upside down over a trash can, then run a piece of double stick tape between the keys.

o Use a kids clean and dry paintbrush to clean in between the keys.

o Use a baby aspirator!