What is your Definition of Clean?

Let’s be honest. What is your Definition of Clean?

Most people believe that the pungent smell of harsh synthetic lemon and pine cleaners means their home is clean. I think we need to challenge this view and transform our definition of lean.

There is no such thing as cleaner than clean! A clean surface is just the surface with nothing else on it no matter what our definition of clean may be. A lingering fragrance, no matter how sweet or pleasant, signals that a chemical has been left behind. This definition of clean contradicts what clean means because we are welcoming dangerous chemicals into our homes. The adverse health effects caused from the exposure to these chemicals are actually worst than the bacteria we are killing.

The following Natural Cleaning Facts will show you the effectiveness of Natural Cleaning!

This reminds me of a time when I was an employee in a retail store. It was my turn to clean the employee lounge & office and the only cleaner I could find was Windex. I ‘windexed’ everything – the desks, the floor, the tables, the walls, and I could hardly breath in the non-ventilated room when I finished. My heart and lungs told me I shouldn’t be breathing this in as I wheezed and coughed, but that was my job that evening. When I was finished, the lady I was working with walked into the room and took in a deep breath and told me it smelled so much better in there. Our definitions of clean were the same however, I left dizzy.

Chemical Cleaners and their Effect on Health

I want to tell you about the “Hygiene Hypothesis” before I give you Natural Cleaning Facts and tell you about how effective Natural Cleaners are. This is a theory that says it’s probably not a good idea to live in a completely sterile environment.

When we grow up and live in a germ free environment, our immune systems don’t get the workouts they needs to develop properly and stay in shape. In effect, with nothing to fight against, our bodies defense systems get fat and lazy and eventually become so soft that they are unable to respond effectively when hazardous germs and substances are finally encountered, as they inevitably will.

We are taught to fear what we cannot see – the unknown. Bacteria, germs, viruses.

I’ve challenged you to rethink the meaning of clean. Now let me challenge you to think of Cleaning Naturally! A Clean Home is free of dirt and germs, but is also free of toxic pollution. Natural cleaners have the same properties to kill bacteria, germs and viruses as chemical cleaners we just need to know how to go about this so that it is effective. Natural Cleaning Facts:

The correct use of Natural Cleaners, I believe, is what makes them effective.

For example, regular soap and water is just as effective at getting rid of germs off your hands as antibacterial soaps if you wash them properly!!! Handwashing with regular soap does not actually kill bad bacteria, the soap breaks down the tiny bits of grease, fat and dirt on your hands that bad germs cling to. It is the combination of soap, rubbing, rinsing and drying that enables the germs to slide off your hands. This realization has helped changed my definition of clean.

On the other hand antibacterial soaps contain antibiotics and pesticides that kill germs but at the same time may make the germs resistant and lead to superbugs.

Follow this link to learn Proper Hand washing Techniques:

Our society is “germophobic,” we fear every tiny microscopic organisms, specifically, bacteria and viruses.

Natural Cleaning Facts:

Germs are essential for human life. Bacteria in our mouths and intestines help us to digest food and the bacteria on our skin protect us from invading viruses and bad bacteria.

Natural Cleaning Facts: Definition of Clean

That of the billions of types of bacteria, only about 50 are known to cause infection?

That when you use harsh chemicals and antibacterial formulas you are using a biocide? These synthetic chemicals kill good and bad bacteria without discretion. On top of that you are left with a chemical residue that could potentially enter your body and affect your health.

If you think of Natural Cleaning the same way as effective hand washing you will understand that it is not only effective but safe.

Are Antibacterial Products Safe to use in our Homes?

Natural Cleaning Facts: Definition of Clean

Natural Cleaning uses biodegradable Natural Ingredients that can be very effective when used in your home!

Modern Betty Products use a combination of Natural Ingredients to keep your home clean. Together, these ingredients boost the overall cleaning performance and are very effective at washing any surface. Proceed to Modern Betty's Product Line from Definition of Clean.

Natural Ingredients and their Uses!

Modern Betty Natural Cleaning Facts:

I have never actually read this in a book, but this is my way of thinking:

I have a “Proactive Way of cleaning.” If I spill something I spray and wipe it up right away. I don’t let anything sit.

If I have been working with raw meat – I immediately sanitize my cutting board and sink with my Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar Combo to ensure any trace of salmonella is absent.

Although I clean my bathrooms, especially toilets, daily with Modern Betty’s “One & Only” and everything looks clean, I usually give this room a little attention every week by cleaning it with my Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar Combo just to make sure there are no e. coli lurking anywhere.

Basically, if I suspect an area where germs maybe present, I wash the surface with the dynamic duo of Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar.

This proactive approach has affected my definition of clean because I realize my home is safe as well as clean in that it is free of chemical residues.

The Dynamic Duo: Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar!

Essential Oil Blends

Natural Cleaning Facts:

Essential Oils are great for their antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and antiviral properties. I have developed 6 Essential oil blends in Modern Betty Cleaners and although I use them daily on all surfaces, there are different scents that I use in specific areas of the house:

Information on Essential Oils

Calming Peppermint

I use this everywhere, great for helping to clear sinuses while you clean windows and mirrors!

Refreshing with Antiseptic & Antibacterial properties.

Lavender Dreams

I use this on every surface, especially on floors and for dusting because when you clean before bed the aromas will help you sleep!

Antiseptic & Antibacterial properties.

Citrus Melody

Again, I like using this on every surface but it is the workhorse of the kitchen!

A Natural alternative disinfectant. Antiseptic, Antifungal & Antibacterial properties.

Cinnamon & Clove

I use this to sanitize everything when there are cold & flu germs around! Also great in kitchen & bath.

Antiviral & Antibacterial properties.

Herbal Harmony

Great for cleaning the kitchen and every room in your house! I personally use this blend to wash my dishes with some extra vinegar added to the sink.

Antibacterial & Antiseptic properties.

Touch of Teatree

One of my favorites for cleaning the kitchen.

Especially great for cleaning kitchen sinks and toilets!!!

A Natural alternative disinfectant.

The Combination of Modern Betty's "One & Only" Product Line and these Natural Cleaning Facts, I am confident that Natural Cleaning is as effective as you make it! It is a simple process that becomes easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. I no longer have my one big day of cleaning…….and I love it! I clean as I live and it’s working. My definition of clean has changed and I hope yours does too!

Change your Definition of Clean with Modern Betty Products!