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December 28, 2009:

After using all 4 burners on my stove on Christmas day I thought there would be no way to get it clean. I honestly thought it was ruined!! There as a 1/4 inch thick residue on the hardtop surface! Someone suggested I use my Modern Betty products. I did and it worked!!! Thank you so much Modern Betty for saving my stove!!! I have the before and after pictures to show the proof.

I would recommend these products to everyone! Not only did they work, but they're chemical free.

Thank you from a very happy customer,

Joanne Vincent

(Joanne used the Modern Betty Scouring Powder and "One & Only" Multipurpose Cleaner in Citrus Melody)



February 25th, 2010

My son dropped a jug of green paint onto my white carpet. After trying everything to get it out, I finally came to the conclusion that it wasn't coming out unless I bought a steam cleaner.

After using the One & Only Carpet and Fabric Cleaner with the Scouring Powder, the carpet came clean, no trouble at all.

There wasn't any scrubbing or hard work, it just came out!

I bought the multi cleaner as well and these are the best cleaners invented partly due to the fact that my very helpful three year old can "help" clean and I don't worry about him inhaling harmful chemicals!

-Heather Mack (Calgary)

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