Clean Naturally: Who is Modern Betty?

Modern Betty, Natural Cleaning

· Modern Betty is an All Natural Line of Cleaning Products to clean naturally, which I manufacture in my home.

· My small business is named after my Grandmother, Elizabeth Brown, who grew up using many Natural Ingredients to Clean Naturally in her daily cleaning regime. After World War II these Natural Ingredients were replaced with petroleum based chemicals.

· I dedicate my work to my Grandmother, who passed away from Cancer, as I think cancer is becoming too common and although it is important to find the "cure" for it, I believe we also need to learn how to prevent cancer, as well as many other diseases on the rise, starting at the roots.....especially toxic chemicals that we use in our homes that are potentially harmful to our families.

· I would like to bring you “Back to the Basics” of Natural Cleaning and show you that Natural Cleaners are just as safe as they are effective. I am not reinventing anything; the ingredients are no secret and are proudly listed on all products.

I have developed this line of All Natural Cleaning Products and this website to make Natural Cleaning something that is:

1. Convenient and

2. Achievable to suit Busy Modern Lifestyles.

My Story

After graduating from the University of Calgary with a BA in English, I was going into my second year of the Education Program when my true calling found me. My husband and I decided to start a family and I became a Stay-at-Home Mom! Over the last three years, I have exposed myself and my family to hundreds of hours of constant inhalation of dangerous chemicals from my housekeeping and this realization has powered my desire to learn to clean naturally.

Natural Cleaning, cancer, respiratory disease

This scary statistic motivates me everyday to maintain my health and the health of my family so that this statistic will decrease by taking a more Natural approach to life and more specifically Natural Alternatives to Cleaning Products in our homes.

This is a picture of my Grandmother taken in 1955.

She lived a beautiful and blessed life until the Lord called her home in 2006. Cancer swept through her digestive system.

This disease affects everyone and we need to find a more proactive preventative solution, ex. to clean naturally, if we want to overcome cancer. Finding a cure for cancer is an ideal solution and I applaud all who dedicate their lives to researching, fundraising and developing a cure.

However, it is important to understand that we could help this process by reducing the number of carcinogenic chemicals that we are exposed to on a daily basis. If this can be achieved, I believe cancer can become a disease that can be prevented.

Have we become byproducts of the Petroleum Revolution?

Modern Betty is the result of my desire to create a clean and non-toxic home for my children. Through Modern Betty, I would like to raise awareness about the chemicals we bring into our homes and help you decipher what is safe and how to clean naturally. Chemicals found in cleaning products have, for the most part, been invented within our lifetimes and marketed to the public with minimal short term and little or no long term safety testing.

Precautionary Principle: Revolutionary!

Small Choices lead to Big Change!

Although I do not claim to be an expert, I love to research, inquire, and share the information and statistics from the many resources I have contemplated about how to Clean Naturally. I want to make this convenient for you so you can effortlessly embrace Natural Cleaning. These alternative cleaning methods are safe, affordable, work as effectively as chemical cleaners to rid your home of germs. The pleasant aromas actually make housework a little more enjoyable!

Clean Naturally the Fun Way!

I want to raise and Teach my children ways to embrace a more Natural Lifestyle by instilling Natural Habits in their tiny but absorbent minds. As they grow, they will learn to make choices that are healthy for their bodies and the environment. This is something they will pass on to the next generation and Natural will again become normalized.

Teaching our Children how to get back to Nature!

There is a way to keep your home non-toxic, squeaky clean and smelling great! I promise.

Let me guide you in your quest to Natural Living……… ……Starting with Natural Cleaning.

Clean Naturally with Modern Betty's All Natural Cleaning Line!