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Welcome to All Natural Cleaning Solutions where you will find my collection of Natural Cleaning Tips to browse!

Use Modern Betty's "One & Only" All Natural Multipurpose Cleaner to clean handbags, diaper bags and bookbags, inside and out! You don't know what's lurking on them after laying them on different surfaces throughout the day!

This is for women who want their husbands to have clean & soft hands! Sprinkle a little Modern Betty's "One & Only" All Natural Scouring Powder into his hands along with any liquid soap and massage and lather hands. It is especially great for removing grease and oil. It works wonders on my husband's hands!

My kids love drawing on the walls with crayons when I am not looking. To wipe off crayon marks simply put some of Modern Betty's All Natural Scouring Powder on a microfiber cloth and wet it with the "One & Only" Multipurpose Spray. The abrasive rubs marks clean!

Do you need to clean the dust off your blinds? Use Modern Betty's "One & Only" Multipurpose Cleaner with a microfiber cloth to make this dreaded job much easier! Close the blinds and spray a little cleaner to lift off dust and grease with a damp microfiber cloth!

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