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Modern Betty, Issue #003---Get rid of Mold.....Naturally!
January 02, 2010

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Are you looking for a Natural Mold Cleaner?

Mold Facts:

Mold is a little tricky to clean since mold travels through the air as tiny spores which land on wet areas, where they will quickly breed.

If mold is spotted, immediately address the problem. Mold is an allergen and an irritant as it may affect the eyes, ears, and throat, especially to those who have asthma.

Mold is a type of fungi and are part of nature's recycling system that play a key role in breaking down organic materials such as plants, leaves, wood fiber and other natural materials.

As long as the moisture problem has been eliminated, mold shouldn't be an issue anymore.

How to get rid of Mold!

Modern Betty’s “One & Only” All Natural Multipurpose Cleaner in Touch of Teatree is effective in cleaning up mold in your home.

Ingredients that make MB's Touch of Teatree effective:

Teatree Oil:

Of all the natural mold killing solutions teatree oil is the most effective. Tea tree oil is antifungal, capable of killing all types of molds. Tea tree oil is an antibacterial as well!


A mild acid that kills 82% of mold.

Castile Soap: Doesn’t actually kill mold but helps lift the mold from the surface and makes it easy to wipe away!

Baking Soda:

Found in Modern Betty’s All Natural Scouring Powder in Touch of Teatree. Is very mild and has a pH of 8.1. A great deodorizer to get rid of the smell mold leaves in your home. Baking soda also absorbs moisture, which will help keep mold away.

Use Modern Betty’s Touch of Teatree Multipurpose Cleaner with the Scouring Powder when cleaning up a mold problem. The vinegar kills different species of mold to baking soda.

Alternatives to kill mold:


A naturally occurring salt with a pH of 9, is not only a deoderizer but will also a fungicide.

Hydrogen Peroxide & Vinegar Combo: (Modern Betty’s Dynamic Duo!)

Is great for killing mold as it has anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Can be used on clothes, floors, bathroom fixtures, walls and kitchen appliances. Please note that hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent so spot test material before use, however this can be effective in helping to fade the stain that mold leaves behind.
Click here to learn more about this Dynamic Duo!

More Specifically:

How to clean mold out of bath toys

To get rid of the mold in bath toys I put a little of Modern Betty's Touch of Teatree Multipurpose Cleaner in a bowl and suck it into the toys or spray directly into the toy. Leave the toy for a couple of hours or overnight and squeeze the cleaner out of the toy and rinse the toy in a sink of warm water - the mold will come right out! It's surprising how much one little toy can hold.

Hydrogen Peroxide will also work……or white vinegar. I also use hydrogen peroxide and vinegar (keep in separate bottles) one after another as an effective alternative to bleach. You could use this combo as well for the bath toys.

To keep bath toys from growing anymore mold be sure to keep them dry. I make a game with my sons to squeeze all of the water out of the toys before we let the water out of the bath and then I store them in a large strainer to let the water drain and keeps the toys dry and mold free.

Can you believe I found mold growing on my shampoo bottle….I use large one litre bottles and although there is no spot of mold in any other place I clean my bathrooms, I never really thought to clean my shampoo and conditioner bottles….but there you go, mold can grow anywhere in a damp environment!

Don’t ignore that toilet bowl brush!!! A prime place for mold and germs to multiply. Spray generously with Touch of Teatree Multipurpose cleaner after each use and rinse in toilet bowl! If it is completely beyond that approach, soak in hydrogen peroxide for at least 10 minutes and rinse in toilet bowl.

Mold in the Kitchen

Mold can develop in your fridge and not a place you want to clean with chemicals. Modern Betty’s Touch of Teatree will safely and effectively clean your fridge and get rid of mold.
Does your mop ever have an unpleasant odour? This could be the result of mold growth. Combat these unwelcome guests by soaking the mop in hydrogen peroxide (you will hear the bubbling action) followed by a generous splash of vinegar. Rinse in hot water and tada you have a great smelling mop! Ring dry and hang upside down to allow the mop to dry in between usage!

Walls and Windowsills

Dampness on walls and around windowsills can be a common problem and needs to be addressed immediately. Soak area with one of the above recommendations (Modern Betty's Touch of Teatree Cleaner or Vinegar & Peroxide Combo) and dry area completely after mold removal. Prevention is the key to keeping mold away, so seal any places around the windowsill with silicone caulking if necessary!

Please Note:

These recommendations are for areas affected by mold less than 2 cubic feet. Anything of a larger area could require the expertise of professional mold removal since the conditions could be dangerous to tackle. Mold needs to be killed from the root to prevent reoccurring mold growths.

Reasons it is not recommended to use bleach: The toxicity from fumes are harmful to health, bleach deteriorates materials, and it is only for use on hard, non porous surfaces. Be aware that Mold and Mildew products are usually just diluted laundry bleach.

Porous materials such as wood, cushions, and mattresses retain water and are likely to be contaminated, making it difficult to clean them. In the event that these objects are contaminated, it is advised to dispose them.

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Thank you for your interest in Modern Betty and for your continued support! I look forward to helping you keep your home clean, naturally this new year!

Cheers to your home,

Dianna Gallant

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