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Today was a perfect Fall Day here in Calgary! There is nothing better than a light fresh breeze rustling through the trees and warm sunlight on your skin! I sat and watched my two sons playing in the backyard and was inspired to figure out what I need to do before the winter months approach! I discovered a few neat tips that I will share!

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10 Easy Tips to cozy up your home before winter!

1. Clean and store outside patio furniture, children’s toys, umbrellas and the hard working BBQ before putting it away.

2. Wash all exterior windows – interior ones too!

3. Have chimneys inspected and cleaned if necessary – clean fireplaces.

4. Kitchen – this is my favorite! Cleaning out cupboards and pantry to make way for the holiday cooking and baking! Pull out the fridge and stove to clean underneath – don’t forget the top of the fridge, where dust tends to accumulate. Clean the condenser coils behind the fridge as well.

5. Dishwasher – I learned something new today as I was cleaning the inside of my dishwasher. Gunk accumulates at the bottom of the door, where it hinges inside - completely out of sight! I filled a squirt bottle with plain old vinegar and dislodged an embarrassing amount of debris. I poured ½ cup of baking soda in the bottom of the dishwasher and added about ½ cup of vinegar before running a light cycle without dishes. I wish someone told me this before!

6. Bedrooms – flip your mattresses, clean all bedding (comforters, pillows, duvets, and blankets) You may get a couple of nice days to hang to dry on a clothesline! Looking for an easy and affordable recipe for laundry soap?
Looking for an easy and affordable recipe for laundry soap? Click here!

7. True story: My sister and I were chatting on the phone and she shared a tidbit of info with me. It is important to wash your dryer’s lint trap frequently if you use chemical liquid or sheeted fabric softeners. Fabric softeners will actually leave a wax residue over each hole of the lint trap and will not let adequate airflow through, which is a potential fire hazard. I make my own fabric softener but was anxious to test this as I used fabric softener up until 2 years ago. My sister grabbed hers too! We poured water on top of them and mine had no residue, water flowed freely through. However, Crystal’s acted like a bowl. There was so much residue that no air could pass through. She grabbed her Modern Betty “One & Only” gave it a little scrub and all of that built up chemical residue came off. I really hope you try this in your home to keep your family safe. It is also very important to clean behind the washer and dryer to make sure there isn’t a build up of lint and dust, another fire hazard.

8. Carpet cleaning would be a good idea this month, as warm afternoons help carpet dry faster. Modern Betty’s Carpet Stain remover works amazingly well and is a lot safer than the chemicals used by professionals. I simply rent my own carpet cleaner and pour in my own solution. You may want to rinse the machine before use! Check out this month’s special!!!

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9. Declutter closets, drawers, storage areas, the garage and any place odds-n-ends dwell. It’s a good idea to rotate the summer clothes with the warmer ones!

10. Clean light fixtures! Little flying critters and dust tend to accumulate in the summer months.

I hope my Easy Fall Cleaning List motivates you to begin to make your home comfortable and cozy for the changing season! Let the cooler weather energize and refresh your spirit.

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