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Cleaning from Nature: Tip of the Week:

Tea Tree Oil is a Natural Disinfectant! Mix 2 cups of water and 30 drops of Tea Tree Oil to make a mild all purpose cleaner. Great on mold & mildew.

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Are you looking for Natural Cleaning Advice and Tips that will help you in your journey to Natural Cleaning?
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Read, interact and find up to date information on what I have been learning about Natural Cleaning!
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Clean Naturally
Modern Betty provides information on how to Clean Naturally.
The History of Petroleum and the Overuse of Chemicals!
By looking at the History of Petroleum, it is easy to see why chemicals are being overused in our homes. This issue needs to be recognized so we can resort to natural alternatives!
Precautionary Principle: A Revolutionary Idea!
Following the precautionary principle will help you to protect your family’s health and the environment by exercising caution when considering the use of Conventional Chemical Cleaners.
Fun Cleaning Tips to Motivate your Natural Cleaning Routine!
Natural Cleaning can be fun cleaning. Learn to Clean Smarter!
Natural Cleaning Tips
Natural Cleaning Tips to use in your house room by room with lots of motivation to get you started!
Kitchen Cleaning Tips
Kitchen Cleaning Tips with Modern Betty!
Natural Bathroom Cleaning Tips!
Natural Bathroom Cleaning Tips from Modern Betty.
Natural Floor Cleaners for Every Floor Type!
Natural Floor Cleaners Tips: Keep your Floors Naturally Clean!
Dust free home: Why Dusting is an important part of Natural Cleaning
Learn how to help keep a dust free home naturally!
Natural Laundry Detergent Recipe along with Natural Laundry Tips!
Natural Cleaning Tips to keep your laundry soft, safe and clean with a Natural Laundry Detergent.
Natural Cleaning Tips for your Vehicle
Natural Cleaning Tips for your Vehicle to keep it shining!
Cleaning with Natural Products made from Natural Ingredients!
Cleaning with Natural Products made by Modern Betty with All Natural Ingredients!
Essential Oils and Cleaning: The Benefits of Aromatherapy!
Natural Cleaning and Aromatherapy have become partners! Not only do Essential Oils have Antiviral, Antibacterial, and Antiseptic cleaning properties, they are also beneficial to your Health
Definition of Clean: Natural Cleaning Facts
Definition of Clean: Rid your home of germs without the potential harm to your health from chemical cleaners. By rethinking the fundamental definition of “Clean” we can accept Natural Cleaning.
Natural Air Fresheners
Learn how Natural Air Fresheners can be more effective in removing odour from your home than synthetic air fresheners!
The Benefits of Using Microfiber Cloths in Natural Cleaning.
Learn how Natural Cleaning with Microfiber cloths makes cleaning more easy, effective and versatile.
Peroxide and Vinegar: A Great Natural Alternative to Bleach!!!!!
Learn how to effectively use peroxide and vinegar to kill bacteria such as salmonella, ecoli and staph without harsh chemicals!
Harmful Household Chemicals
Learn facts about Harmful Household Chemicals in Cleaners, how to read labels and the possible health problems associated with the use of these chemicals.
Chemical Exposure from Household Cleaners and How it Affects Our Health
The use of Natural Cleaners creates a chemical free home by lowering chemical exposure that cause Health Problems.
Reading Chemical Labels on Conventional Cleaners
A Guide to inform you on how to Read Chemical Labels on Conventional Household Cleaners.
Chemical Misuse: Bad Advice
Here are some Recommendations from sources I have read, in which chemical misuse has shocked me.
The Human Footprint
Learn how our impact on the planet, like a human footprint, will affect future generations if we don’t respect nature.
Consumerism, Chemical Cleaners and Our Quality of Life
The overuse of Conventional Chemical Cleaners is largely dictated by the increasing growth of the economy - consumerism. We need to find alternate solutions to ensure a sustainable future.
Natural Living: Change Starts at Home!
Natural Living can begin with Natural Cleaning, and will teach your children to respect nature by instilling natural habits that will create a healthy home and environment.
Frugal Living: Natural Cleaning and What you Can do!
Frugal Living: Incorporating Natural Cleaning into your life will encourage you to live a sustainable earth friendly lifestyle through changing your perspective on consumerism.
Teaching Children about Nature
A list of helpful ideas that will assist in teaching children about Nature.
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